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Specialty farming requires interdisciplinary skills to optimize facility evaluation, selection of proper genetics, growing practices, harvest, processing and, most importantly, personnel development. Beginning with a 1/2 day consultation in person, we analyze your current or projected operation’s strengths and weaknesses. Objectives are drafted and a timeline is outlined. Based on the desired objective, you will incur a minimum of 5 days a month of consulting work with our highly trained scientist/consultants at your facility. They will use professional scientific methods to fine-tune your business into a high yield, highly efficient operation. Areas of primary evaluation;

  • Growing Practices Genetics
  • Certification Pedigree seeds
  • Starter plants Soils 
  • Nutrients Watering/Irrigation Outdoor /Indoor
    Grow Facility Evaluation 
  • Greenhouse / CEA Lights HID and LED Hydroponics Fertigation Harvest/Post Harvest 
  • Drying Trimming Curing Extraction 
  • Contract processing Finished products Value-added
    White Label Branding 
  • Packaging & Marketing
  • Master Grower Evaluation Crew Evaluation
  • Crew Recruitment
  • Crew Training 
  • Team Building Traceability
  • Scheduling and Planning Efficiency 

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