The avocado is an evergreen tree which is native to Central America and Mexico and may reach heights of up to 20m. The avocado tree does not tolerate freezing temperatures, and so can be grown only in subtropical and tropical climates. 

The most popular variety is the Hass. Hass avocadoes are unique because they are the only avocado variety that is produced year-round.

In Chile Hass avocadoes are available from September to March.

Recognized by its skin which varies from green to blackish purple as it ripens, oval in form. The stone  is small to medium size,easily peeled, exellent  favour. Grainy and thin, but flexible skin. Pulp is pale green with creamy texture.

Good quality avocado with soft skin, medium size stone,easily peeled, good flavor and thin green skin, with soft surface. The pulp is creamy and pale green.

Avocado with good quality, green skin, medium size, oval in form, with medium to large stone, easy to peel, gentle flavor. It has a soft, thin green skin and a  greenish yellow pulp.

Smooth black skin, long, pointed form. Good flavor.


The recommended temperature is 43º-45 ºF (6º-7 ºC)
The optimal relative humidity is 85-95%
When avocados are ripe, they can be stored at 39 ºF (4ºC) without damage occurring for about one week.


Avocados are picked unripe. They begin to ripen once harvested and at normal temperature the process continues until they are consumed.
It is important to avoid rough handling and  minimize the number of handling steps.

Regions of Production

III region - Atacama
IV region - Coquimbo
V region - Valparaíso
Metropolitan region - Santiago
VI region - Rancagua


January through December.