CSX Agricultural is a farming, cultivation and processing company filled with the next generation of experts to transform the Hemp industry in Florida with unparalleled data, technology, and proficiency.  With the application of modern techniques and genomic tools, we believe Hemp will change how we think about our health, our communities, our food supply, and our environment.  At root, ours is a company-determined to exceed the expectations of customers worldwide and equally determined to exercise leadership in Florida by actively advancing our industry responsibly, creatively and sustainably.

Applying Modern Techniques To An Ancient Plant In Florida

Plant breeding is responsible for the success of all modern agricultural crops, but due to prohibition, Hemp is nearly 80 years behind. Our work is reshaping how the world thinks about medicine, agriculture, recreation, the environment, and our communities. We work closely with growers and breeders around the world to better understand their needs and the potential of this powerful plant. Together with diverse partners, we are pioneering the future of Hemp in Florida.

We’re taking a leading role in processing and producing natural, hemp-derived cannabinoid-rich products for all the right reasons. We’re passionate about CBD’s boundless future, and prepared to help you take advantage of it.

Applying innovation and creativity throughout the supply chain, we’re uniquely equipped to contribute to a new era of well-being with exceptional quality and greater cost efficiencies.


CSX Agricultural will be a trailblazer in the Florida Hemp industry, bringing together our people, passion, and thirst for innovation to define the meaning of excellence – and to positively impact society as a whole.


In Putnam County, Florida, CSX Agricultural is perfectly positioned to serve the leading CBD producer in the United States. Northeast Florida is home to some of the largest and most influential farming communities in the state and is fast becoming the “CBD Capital of Florida”.


It all starts with great genetics. We are a hemp nursery growing high quality, field-ready starter plants. CSX Agricultural serves a growing number of farmers planting High-CBD Hemp. We are researching, testing, and chosing the best hemp varieties that stand up to the various challenges and microclimates in and around the Florida.
We work with farmers to provide rooted female cuttings from our genetic bank to make sure they start the season with healthy and strong plants. Our expertise in organic crop production allows us to eliminate all harsh pesticides and fungicides from our production while remaining pest and disease free.

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Full-Spectrum Crude Oil

Our quality crude is rich in CBD and CBD-A. In its rawest form, it is perfect for further refinement for any type of CBD-rich finished product.

Total CBD Content: 50%-65%

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Full-Spectrum Winterized Oil

Free of waxes and lipids, our winterized oil is more refined and versatile – excellent for applications ranging from tinctures to vapes.

Total CBD Content: 65%-80%


Supercritical Co2 Extraction

All raw material is processed using large-scale, supercritical CO2extraction methodologies, resulting in clean and pure extracts, free from toxic solvents.

Post Processing / Refinement

We offer medium-scale winterization and decarboxylation to help you reach your product goals.


CSX Agricultural can take your extract and formulate for desired potency by mixing in a carrier oil. Talk to our technical team today to learn how we can meet your needs.

Become a Cultivation Partner

We work with more than 20 farmers in Florida. We understand the challenges Florida farmers face growing hemp. Our Cultivation Partners can contact our team anytime for knowledge and advice.

We provide our partners with guidance on:

  • Plant genetics
  • Plant spacing
  • Fertilizer
  • Irrigation
  • Weed control
  • Pest and Disease control
  • Harvesting
  • Drying and storing
  • Getting tested by the Department of Agriculture
  • Selling flower
  • Growth laws and regulations
  • Getting license to grow

Give us a call at 954•684•0855 or use the form below